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This is a call to action to all burrito lovers living in all four corners of the United States.

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You are notified

Consider yourself notified. If you are aware of any fresh burrito place or new burrito Mexican-style brand opening in your part of the United States, do let us know. You might think that you live in the middle of the sticks. You might think that you live in a remote ultra-rural place in the U.S. You might even think that the burrito place that opened in your neck of the woods is highly Americanized and really doesn’t qualify for authentic Mexican food. Well, send it in anyways.

Let Us Know

Reach out and let us know about because we will be the judge. We will let you know if your worst fears have come true, and you are basically eating something that is really no better and no more authentically Mexican than Taco Bell. Let us be the judge of that. Don’t let your fears get the better of you. Just let us know. The great thing about burrito fans all over the world is that we know that there is a tremendous amount of diversity and variation in the burrito recipe form. There’s a lot to forgive the Taco Bell burrito. I know that sounds like heresy to the ears of many purists, but it’s the absolute truth.

American Food

Believe it or not, some Mexicans from Mexico itself, love Taco Bell. They consider it American food, but they like it anyways. We have the same attitude. We look at it as burrito-derived or burrito-originated. In other words, there’s still some logical connection to the burrito and it may not be much, but we still acknowledge our roots. We still acknowledge that there is enough physical or ingredient similarity that we give it the title of burrito.

We are open-minded

We call on you should you be aware of any new burrito place

That’s how open-minded we are, and that’s why we call on you should you be aware of any new burrito place in your area to fill out the form that we have in our contact page and let us know.

We want people to spread word about the hottest, the greatest, the latest and the most hyped or the most understated burrito joint in their area. As long as it’s a place that sells something that looks and tastes like a burrito, send it in. We would be interested.

Don’t be surprised if people from faraway states hop on a plane just to check out your local burrito. They may be there for business. They may be there as a part of a traveling band or they’re a college student who is spending a semester in your area. Whatever the case may be, don’t be surprised if people travel from a long place away just to check out the local burrito tastes, flavors, smells and textures.

That’s how awesome burritos are. Burritos are really like the siren call for culinary adventures from all corners of the United States. There’s really something about the burrito formula that really makes people salivate. Now, it’s not for everybody, but there are enough people who are die-hard burrito fans that you can bet regardless of how remote your place is, people would still be interested in the burritos that the place has to offer.

We are pleased to talk to you

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