Are Goat Burritos Worth Eating?

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Are Goat Burritos Worth Eating?

I remember the first time I went to a goat burrito shop.

It really blew my mind because I wasn’t really looking for goat meat. I was just looking for a burrito. As you can tell, my level of appreciation for burritos and my status as some sort of burrito connoisseur was not yet fully developed at that time.

I knew something was up because when I looked at the storefront, the sign up on top had an image of a goat with mariachis and it says “Tacos Birria y Cabrito.” I haven’t heard of the word “cabrito” before. It turned out that it means baby or young goat or little goat to be more precise in Spanish.

I haven’t heard of it before, but the fact that it said “brito” was good enough for me because in my mind, I was saying “Brito, burrito, that’s close enough.” So, I went in and I pointed to the order menu up top where there was a picture of a burrito. I just pointed to that picture. The person taking my order just smiled at me, nodded his head, took my money and after five minutes, out came this neatly wrapped burrito.

Let’s get one thing clear. I originally came from the Philippines, and in our culture, goats are welcome. There are certain parts of the Philippines where goats are part of the menu. They are a fixture of the menu, and people eat goats regularly. That’s not the issue. However, for the rest of the country, goats tend to have this bad reputation of having a funky smell.

It turns out that this reputation is ill deserved. You have to understand that only male goats that have reached sexual age or at the age of sexual maturity have this smell. Female goats don’t have this smell. Young male goats don’t have this smell. However, for the longest time, Filipinos have this impression that if you goat, it’s going to stink.

It turns out that even male goats if you prepare them correctly and cook them properly, would not have that aftertaste. Some are stronger than others but if prepared correctly, the aftertaste actually works with the flavor. It actually tastes better because of that aftertaste. It really boils down to how you prepare it. However, I wasn’t aware of any of this. I just had this nasty equation in my mind that anything that has goat in it is going to have that nasty aftertaste.

Well, soon enough, I bit into the burrito then I bit into it again. I mean, it was great tasting because it had the right texture, and all the fillings as well as the fresh ingredients, I’m talking about the lettuce, the fresh tomatoes and onions, really just blended together really well and the right amount of cilantro did the trick. It was amazing.

I finished that burrito fairly quickly. I would say maybe I was done with it in about ten minutes. So, I walked up to the counter again, and I asked the person if I can have another burrito. I said, “Uno mas,” meaning one more. In broken English, he said, “Oh you want a goat burrito again?”

I tell you this story because that’s how I broke my goat burrito virginity. My main point here is that goat burritos, when prepared well, not only outperform pork burritos, but they give beef burritos a run for their money. I know that’s heresy in some circles, but I’m just going to come out in the open and claim it because that is the truth as far as my experiences are concerned.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky that I’ve been eating at the right burrito places that know how to handle goat meat, but there’s nothing to fear in goat meat. The aftertaste doesn’t have to be there. In fact, in some places, you want there to be an aftertaste because the way they prepare the meat makes the aftertaste very welcome indeed. It adds that special level of complexity that takes that goat burrito to the high heavens as far as burrito excellence and flavor and deliciousness is concerned.

My advice to you is don’t knock it until you tried it and check out goat burritos. Check out some reviews. Make sure that everything is on the up and up, but don’t dismiss goat burritos out of hand. You just might love it. If you already eat goat meat, then you won’t have a problem. In fact, you might just fall in love with goat burritos.

However, even if you don’t eat lamb, mutton, goat meat or anything exotic outside of beef, chicken or pork, don’t treat goat meat burritos like chopped liver. It would be a sad and sorry mistake. You might be freezing yourself out of some amazing and truly memorable culinary delights.

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