About burritophile.com

Burritophile.com makes no bones about it. We're all about burritos.

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If you think you've come up with the best burrito in the planet, bring it here.

Let the experts decide. Believe us there will be people who would make a pilgrimage to burrito joint that you suggested and we'll call you out if it is not as hot as you think it is.

So, we challenge everybody reading this website or visiting this website for the first time to share with us their complete listings of burritos. Our goal is to produce the most comprehensive list of burrito places in all of the United States. I know that is quite a goal to have because the United States is a huge place. We’re talking about fifty states with two states not in the continent.

Believe in aiming high

However, that is exactly the goal that we have set out for ourselves. We believe in aiming high. We believe in dreaming big, and when it comes to all things burrito, this is as big as you can dream.

All burrito shops

Imagine a place where all burrito shops from the tip of Hawaii and Alaska all the way to the farthest reaches of the Florida Keys are listed. That is our goal, and we cannot make that happen without your participation.

Doesn't stay forever

You may be thinking that the place that you eat a burrito at may not be there for long. You may think that it’s going to go out of business sooner rather than later. You might even think that it’s just a nondescript, all-too-forgettable hole in the wall.

Let Us Know

Be that as it may, send in its address and whatever you know about that place. It may very well disappear tomorrow, but we don’t care. As long as we have a record of its existence, it is part of burrito lore.

We Love Burrito

We are dedicated

Burritophile is dedicated to propagating love for the burrito.

We think that this is one gastronomic formula that is intended for people all over the world. We want our love for the burrito to shine bright, hot and white. Accordingly, if you are aware of any burrito place, no matter how unauthentic or “Americanized” it may be, send it in. We will be the judges.
You can bet that once you send in word of a burrito shop that just opened around the corner, there would be many people from this website making a beeline to that place. In fact, a lot of these people live very far from you. That’s how dedicated they are to everything burrito.

Art of burrito

We understand that the burrito really is an art form, and it’s a work of art that all takes place in your mouth. If you think about it, it’s a symphony. There are the textures of the beans and the fresh ingredients and, of course, the meat and the filling.

Consistency of the rice

There is also the consistency of the rice. On top of that, there is the small matter of the lettuce or whatever fresh vegetables are involved and the tortilla wrapper. The more you chew, the more of the symphony plays this wide range of textures and flavors, and these all explode in your mouth.

Share Us

It really is nothing short of magical, and this is why we have put up this website. This is also why we have so many people from all over the world jumping onto planes just to check out the hottest new burrito place. So, spread the word. Let us know and share your love for this all American, Mexican piece of culinary heaven.

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