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Taqueria Cancun (Market/6th) (San Francisco, CA)

Score: 9.5 / 10    Reviewed by: massd (Los Gatos, CA)

As the first reviewer mentioned, this Cancun is not located in the best parts of the city. Although it's just one block from valet parking at Nordstroms, this corner's most redeeming asset is indeed Taqueria Cancun.

I have eaten at dozens, maybe hundreds of taquerias around San Francisco, California, the United States and even the world. Cancun is my favorite, hands-down. In 2004 I spent 5 months travelling around Europe. When I arrived back in San Francisco, I told my taxi that we had exactly one destination and that was 6th and Market to get a Cancun super pollo asado. That's how much I love it.

Although the prices were raised in 2005 making this less of a deal than it was before (sodas are $1.50?), it is still cheap by city standards and the food is great. Plus, they have Orange Crush, Pepsi and Coke in the bottle. The atmosphere, if you can call it that, is crazy with the homeless people but it is not a dangerous area. I used to live a block away and once upon a time you could find crack needles in the street, it is significantly cleaner and better patrolled than in previous years. Nonetheless, I have seen more than my fair share of conference-goers and other tourists walk up, do a double-take at the address, then inside the place, look at each other and walk away too afraid to try something a little different. They missed out.

The tortillas are grilled, they use whole avocados, the pollo asado is great. The service can be a bit spotty and I used to regularly get the boiled chicken instead of the grilled chicken until I started asking for it in Spanish as "pollo asado".

The salsa verde here is great - mixed with avocados for a creamier texture and a little spicy. What's great is that you know it's fresh because the spiciness will vary from day to day.

The only thing that separates this from being a 10 is that they could do a better roll and re-roll to mix the ingredients like Taqueria Pancho Villa at 16th and Mission (one of the few places that really gets this right).

I prefer this Cancun location over the Mission location. The food there is never quite as good in my opinion.

It's 8pm on a Saturday night and I have worked myself into a frenzy - I think I'm going to go there right now!

posted by massd on 2/25/2006 8:01 PM, updated on 4/9/2009 1:36 PM