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    It has been about 6 months since the last time I have been here.

  • Cate's Score: 7 / 10   full review...

    According to Burritophile's scoring guidelines, I consider Gordo's burritos to be a perfect 7. If you would like to read a more fleshed-out description of the Gordo on Clement, look at my review for the Gordo on Geary. The burritos are pretty much the same.

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Score: 9 / 10    Reviewed by: Glory927

I grew up in San Francisco and have always loved the burritos from
Gordo's. I just learned, however, that the rice is not vegetarian. (I never would have thought about it, but when I asked if the beans were vegetarian-which they are- I was told that the rice was prepared with chicken stock.) Hope they change that or add a vegetarian option because these are some of the best burritos in the city!

posted by Glory927 on 1/30/2012 12:56 AM #

Score: 10 / 10    Reviewed by: SuperCarnitas

Real San Franciscans love Gordo's. Almost all the people I know who were born in SF and grew up here put it near the top of their list of best taquerias. There are a few native haters who, mostly for political reasons or to be different, dislike it -- or they're fans of carne asada (see below). For the most part, their rants should be ignored. Non-natives are also hard on Gordo's. I think it's because Gordo's burritos are more nuanced that the overly meated flavor bombs you can get in the Mission. Of course, you can construct a pretty intense flavor bomb at Gordo's (carnitas + extra hot sauce + extra pico de gallo = one-way ticket to tasty town). But to fully appreciate Gordo's as a taqueria, you must be a connoisseur who appreciates a harmonious burrito.

The burritos are constructed well and rarely disintegrate in your hands (a major problem at many taquerias). The rice is very tasty -- though one point of contention I have with all the Gordo's locations is that the rice can be very salty on occasion. Rather than melting through the ingredients, the cheese is melted onto the tortilla and the ingredients placed on top of it. The effect is that the cheese complements the tortilla and other ingredients quite well. The hot sauce has good heat and flavor, and it's different from the red sauces that get served at most taquerias.

Gordo's has boiled and grilled chicken. The boiled chicken is subtle, while the grilled chicken packs a bit more of a flavor punch. The carnitas and chile verde (also pork) are excellent. While reasonable people may disagree about the chicken, I've yet to have superior pork from any taqueria. It may not be healthy, but the carnitas is hands down the best out there. More than the quality of the individual ingredients, Gordo's strength remains its ability to serve up a burrito whose ingredients are well integrated and satisfying. A Gordo's burrito is greater than the sum of its parts, and that is what makes Gordo's a 10. In addition, any review of Gordo's as a taqueria would be remiss not to mention the quesadillas. Standing alone, they are enough to warrant a 10/10 review. Like the carnitas, the quesadillas -- served on corn or flower tortillas -- are hands-down the best anywhere. I won't go into a lengthy discussion singing their praise. Just do yourself a favor and try one (two if you're getting them on corn tortillas).

In all fairness, Gordo's one serious flaw is its carne asada. The haters are correct on this point. It can be dry and not very flavorful. Since I rarely order carne asada at any taqueria, this flaw doesn't bother me.

The reviewers who complain about the prices must be ordering incorrectly (yeah, pretty difficult) or be dreaming that you can eat anywhere in this city for $5 (maybe in the 1990s, but no longer). It's easy to get a burrito for about $6 to $8, which is essentially the same as the best places in the Mission (e.g., Taqueria San Francisco and El Farolito). But if you don't read the menu and go in and order a regular and ask them to put cheese on it, they're going to charge you, and your burrito will cost more than the listed price. Cheese comes on a super. So if you want cheese, order a super. Last I checked, you have to pay extra for guacamole and sour cream, but again that's a fairly standard practice at most taquerias.

The reviewer who complains about getting sick sounds like a hater--or he/she is a very delicate flower. I've been eaten at all the Gordo's locations for more than 20 years and I haven't gotten sick once. Ditto for my cohort of friends who go regularly. There is nothing to worry about at Gordo's. Their hygiene is good. In fact, it's superior to the places in the Mission that are worth going to.

To the vegetarian reviewer and all vegetarians who eat at taquerias, you probably want to check, but I think most taquerias put lard or some animal byproduct product in their rice and beans.

Long ago, I stopped trying to convince people that Gordo's is great. You either get it or you don't. I wrote this review as a counterpoint to the unthoughtful and nit-picking comments in other reviews (e.g., the comment about the homeless guy -- how does that affect the quality of taqueria? That incident could have happened in any taqueria in the City, or any take-out restaurant for that matter.). On the merits, Gordo's is one of the best in the City. Go and find out for yourself.

posted by SuperCarnitas on 9/26/2009 1:26 PM #

Score: 4.5 / 10    Reviewed by: Eatalot

I went into Gordo's one time and ordered a $5.00 burrito and ended up paying over $8.00. They charged for every extra item. Burrito was okay but I am not rich. I walked out broke. This poor soul has not been back. That's all I have to say about Gordo's.

posted by Eatalot on 9/14/2007 7:42 PM #

Score: 6 / 10    Reviewed by: aengus

I've seen more than one civilized discussion of Gordo Taqueria degenerate into a passionate slugfest, though I'm still at a loss to understand why. Over the past year, I have eaten over thirty burritos from the Clement location and I can safely say that Gordo builds a perfectly serviceable food-pod. I wouldn't say much beyond that, because Gordo's fare is steadily mediocre. Their burritos tend to be dry, mild, and lacking integration—the architects seem to spend more time looking at televised soccer than the burritos they are building. They don't include salsa or chips, which is a downside as well. In their defense, though, they'll throw in pickled jalapeños on request and the carnitas are respectable. Gordo burritos seldom disappoint in the size category, but they do suffer from a degree of flavor monotony that can turn a pleasant foodglow into a stupefied malaise.

If you're in the Outer Richmond and you need a burrito, this Gordo location will leave you satiated, if underwhelmed. They certainly don't sling a bad burrito, but they're not worth going out of the way for.

posted by aengus on 9/9/2007 10:47 PM, updated on 9/9/2007 10:50 PM #

Score: 8.5 / 10    Reviewed by: green67

ok...yes there are some better places in the Mission(duh)...don't listen to the zaftig chick (it means she's "plump" and happy with it..until someone calls her f**) who went to three for her "veggie" burritos and complained about all of them...If you like shouldn't disappoint...I agree about the chip thing...but the food is great....their chicken quesadilla's are killer.....if you want a "veggie" burrito you're better served at one of those trendy "wrap" places...if you like carne' asada, carnitas,pollo verde''ll be into it...

posted by green67 on 7/18/2007 8:57 PM #

Score: 5 / 10    Reviewed by: Lafifi (San Francisco, CA)

I used to be a frequenter of Gordos because I lived really close, but I long ago decided not to eat their food anymore.

It's horrifying, as a vegetarian, to have the person in front of you order a big meaty burrito. The burrito maker fishes out a huge steaming chunk of nasty meat from one of the steam table buckets, whips out the butcher's knife, and chops it all up right there in front of you, on the same surface where they prep and slide everyone's burrito down the line. Most of the time, they wipe up the resulting mess and juice with a wet washcloth that looks like it's been sitting on the counter all day long... but sometimes they don't wipe it up at all.

They also have the worst salsa in the world, if you ask me. I really don't like pico de gallo in general, but theirs in particular is extra chunky and hyper onion-orietned.

Aside from all that, the actual burritos are fine I guess.

posted by Lafifi on 1/31/2007 2:05 PM, updated on 4/10/2009 1:16 PM #

Score: 7.5 / 10    Reviewed by: gudawg

You know, I started eating the fully portable burrito at the clement gordos in the early 1980s and have found many places since but none are Gordos if you are a pure carnivore no rice and beans gets you close to a puond of steak with guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheese for five bucks! And for the full works super you can gorge to excess on the go and get good quality fresh ingrediants consistantly any day. Fast, Fat and Happy Gordos is still worth a trip to S.F. (from Napa) regularly!!!

posted by gudawg on 11/1/2006 4:43 PM #

Score: 10 / 10    Reviewed by: tone12

I have to TOTALLY disagree with anyone who ever talks badly about Gordo's. I have grown up on their food and I have actually eaten at ALL of their locations. The burritos are always made w/ fresh ingredients and are very tasty! I like ALL the different types of meat they serve, but I think the Chile Verde is the best. On top of having GREAT food, the prices are very reasonable. A lot of people dont like the fact that guac and sour cream are extra but I have done the math and they are still cheaper at Gordo's than a lot of other places that dont charge extra for them. A super chile verde w/ guac and sour cream is only about 5.75. Most places charge more than 6 bucks, although the "extras" are included already. If you think about it though, if you didnt want guac or sour cream, you are still being charged for it at most other places. This is why I think that the pricing if FAIR and REASONABLE....sorry for rambling but I cant believe that anyone would ever have a bad experience at GORDO's!!! I hope this review was helpful to anyone reading it.

posted by tone12 on 10/16/2006 10:33 PM #

Score: 4 / 10    Reviewed by: Moe (Sans Rafael+Jose, CA)

I have gotten sick off Gordo burritos more often than I care to admit - for if I did admit how many times I went back after getting sick, I'd be quite ashamed of myself.

They seem to think that if you just spice the hell out of everything, no one will notice how anemic the beans are, how salty the rice is and how stomach-turning these cheese and sour cream are.

What is misleading is that while you are eating, it isn't so bad. Nothing to write home about, but a passable burrito. But once it settles in (or rather, DOESN'T settle) I cry a thousand tears of rancid crema and salt-lick spanish rice. I rue the day I met Gordo Taqueria.

posted by Moe on 8/4/2006 4:49 PM #

Score: 6 / 10    Reviewed by: mattthew (San Francisco, CA)

While the burrito itself is delicious, 7.5 - 8, and I love the melted-on-tortilla cheese, I must take serious issue with the fact that Gordo's charges extra for a bag of chips. That's right, chips NOT included with burrito. It's an un-heard of and outrageous practice. It's like charging extra for butter on your already expensive movie theater popcorn or like sneaking in a $2 charge for plain white rice onto your seemingly cheap Chinese takeout. It's both an insult, and a dangerous precident that must be dealt with in no less severe fashion than outright boycott.

I ask you to join me in taking your burrito dollar elsewhere until Gordo's end this agregious policy.

posted by mattthew on 5/2/2006 2:32 AM #

Score: 7 / 10    Reviewed by: eltejano

I just dropped a quick user review of Gordo's on Geary here:

It's a solid 7. I think it's cleaner and better than the Geary location. It's smaller, so it can take longer at times, but I think it's worth the wait. I also get lucky there and catch them right after a rush when I can take my time and chat with the guys there while I place my order. The food seems fresher and the salsas taste better for some reason. I don't know why the Geary location can't be as good. . . .

posted by eltejano on 10/24/2005 9:46 PM #

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