La Cumbre Taqueria

San Francisco, CA

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  • Chris's Score: 8 / 10   full review...

    I'd always been skeptical of La Cumbre (due to a identically named place in San Mateo, which was disappointing). But based on all the good reviews i decided it was time to try it. I'm glad i did, because they put out a very good burrito here.

  • Cate's Score: 8.5 / 10   full review...

    Not sure if the veggies for the sauteed vegetable burrito are always cooked to order or if it was because I was their first customer, but either way they were delicious today. I usually find "grilled" veggies in burritos mushy and tasteless, but these were super-caramelized and tasty in their tangy tomato sauce. My only gripe would be that they were a bit too saucy. The rice couldn't absorb enough and it made for quite a mess; if I had gotten guac or sour cream, it would have been a soupy disaster. So, caveat emptor potential burrito consumer. All in all a solid veggie burrito option in the Mission, though!

  • 's Score: 2 / 10   full review...

    This place used to, year after year, win the "best burrito" reader's poll in one of the free papers. It was later revealed the owner's were stuffing the ballot box so to speak. So in short, this place is over rated.

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Score: 6 / 10    Reviewed by: TrucksRBetter (Napa, CA)

I've been reading the other reviews and am trying my best to supplement them. I will agree that there was 100% no gristle in my carne asada. Papalote's meat did have more flavor though--Pancho Villa's a little better as well. Integration was extremely poor. 50% of my bites were pure rice and tortilla. The hot sauce was a joke. I liked my post-burrito jalapeno more than the burrito. With Pancho Villa right next door, it's pretty safe to say I won't be here again for a burrito.

posted by TrucksRBetter on 4/10/2012 1:34 PM #

Score: 10 / 10    Reviewed by: Jen

posted by Jen on 1/11/2011 9:33 AM #

Score: 10 / 10    Reviewed by: rad1964

I have been coming to La Cumbre for over 20 years. Simply the best overall meat quality in any burrito, whether its chicken, pork or beef.
Let me also state "they do NOT charge for chips". They offer them FREE with your burrito. (At least here in San Francisco).
Their Pollo Asada (grilled chicken) is awesome! Now as any review you can take this review with a grain of salt.. I love my burritos 'dry'. I am not a wet burrito fan, at all. So when I order mine from La Cumbre, Its cheese meat and beans + rice. I may drop hot sauce on it while eating or occasionally get them to put in 'poquito rojo salsa', ( a little hot red sauce). Now I know their guacamole is a bit 'cut' down.. aka watered down? But I don't order that.

If you want to compare La Cumbre with the 2 other close by taqueria's, Pancho Villa and El Toro, I can do that, as I have eaten both a dozen times or so. There is nothing wrong with these other two places, El Pastor I have given this name to their burrito, "The Worm". It is definitely gigantic compared to La Cumbre, but where they go wrong in my book is the quality and flavor of their meat. El Toro compares well also, but out of twenty years going to both, I have gotten more gristle at El Toro then at La Cumbre. Case closed.

posted by rad1964 on 6/5/2009 2:56 PM #

Score: 10 / 10    Reviewed by: vcuevas

Taqueria La Cumbre is the best.
they have a great selection of beans and meats for everyone (though im a veggie) the menu is huge so you can basically get anything imaginable. the deluxe nachos are amazing. even something as plain as a cheese quesadilla tastes delicious. i highly reccomend this place to anyone, it wont dissapoint. clean and friendly environment not to mention good pricing.

bottom line: this place is legit to the fullest extent of the law and then some. i'm mexican and this food is the best i've ever had, aside from my own mothers! so in the words of ricky bobby "if you don't like la cumbre then f#%k you!"

also, their t-shirts are rad!!!

posted by vcuevas on 7/24/2008 4:46 PM #

Score: 8 / 10    Reviewed by: treed

La Cumbre is a large-ish shop on Valencia St. Although not as crowded as some of the other nearby places, it still puts out a pretty good burrito.

I ordered a deluxe pollo en chile verde. Having the "deluxe" option is a nice touch, as here the super adds lettuce and tomato. The deluxe adds guac, sour cream, and cheese to the standard (rice, beans, meat, and salsa). Bean options are present in the form of black (my choice), pinto, and refried; salsa options are present as well (but why get anything other than spicy?). My only real problem with the ingredients was the sour cream from a squeeze bottle. Weird.

Integration was solid with the exception of the salsa which had been applied sparingly. This made most of the burrito not spicy enough (a common, but legitimate, complaint from me), and the stuff in the unlabled bottle on the table was far too anemic to alleviate the problem at all. I should have re-hit the salsa bar and tried to fix the problem with the options there, but I didn't want to put down my very large burrito after I'd begun eating; it would have simply spilled all over the place, as it was very very full. It was, fortunately, double wrapped in foil, and so it held together.

posted by treed on 11/18/2006 12:19 PM #

Score: 3 / 10    Reviewed by: ElTrolito (Berkeley, CA)

The only reason to eat here is for the cheap vegi burritos. This is the only place anywhere that I ever got crunchy carnitas (NOT a good thing) OR gristle (a HORRID thing) in a burrito. That this place keeps getting good ratings seems like more evidence of the unsophisticated local burrito-consumer.

(And there's no excuse for stale- and/or rancid-tasting chips.)

posted by ElTrolito on 5/16/2006 10:57 PM #

Score: 9 / 10    Reviewed by: oropeza

The original and every bit as good as the shop in San Mateo. I've only at this one a handful of times - used to prefer Mayas which unfortunately closed sometime after I moved to San Diego - but have never been dissapointed. Pollo Asado is excellent - you can get black beans, and they stuff the burrito full of veggies if you ask. Might be even better with a salsa bar. Yum!

posted by oropeza on 1/21/2006 6:25 PM #

Score: 10 / 10    Reviewed by: robertb (San Jose, CA)

I'm a vegan. So beware.

After living in Boston with no good burrito in sight, I knew I had to hit this place when visiting San Francisco. The Bay Area is chock full of mexican restaurants and burrito joints and it's hard to go wrong eating at any of them (Chipotle being the exception, of course). But, this burrito was magical. It was how I imagine smoking crack or injecting heroine might be like. Wow. From the very first bite, it melted in my mouth like chocolate and I chomped through the whole thing. I couldn't believe I ate the first one so quickly. (The following one was just as good, but my stomach just couldn't accept any more.) The vegetarian burrito is wrapped in foil and comes with beans (refried are vegetarian and preferred), rice, lettuce, and tomato. Even without salsa, this burrito would satisfy, but the salsa is very fresh and enhances the burrito experience.

(BTW, the people there are very friendly and helpful, 'though the lines can be long at times.)

posted by robertb on 7/16/2005 4:38 PM #

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