El Castillito (Civic Center)

San Francisco, CA

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  • Cate's Score: 8 / 10   full review...

    El Castillito's burritos are among my favorites in San Francisco. I should mention that this applies to both the Church Street and Civic Center locations, both of which offer consistently delish burritos (and tacos, if you're into that) in almost identical surroundings.

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Score: 8 / 10    Reviewed by: tulrich

I ordered super carne w/ pinto beans and "hot" salsa. The result was yummy, well integrated, good rice & beans, good flavor overall, though with a caveat or two. The meat was not bad, not great, juicy but kind of chewy. The burrito, by itself, was not spicy at all. On the plus side, the salsa bar was exceptionally good, and adding avocado salsa by hand provided the necessary spark.

This was the second San Francisco burrito for this East Coast burritophile. It was good but I'm hoping I can find better before I have to leave the cradle of burritoization.

posted by tulrich on 2/22/2008 8:04 PM #

Score: 10 / 10    Reviewed by: Eatalot

This taqueria makes the best burritos I have ever ever tasted. This place I will come back again and again.

Maybe it's the onions, maybe it's the cliantro, maybe it's the salsa, maybe the slices of avocados, maybe it's the well seasoned meats, which makes it the tastiest burritos I have ever eaten. They also offer the customers fresh tortilla chips and salsa at no extra charge. I have to thank my daughter for introducing this place to me.

posted by Eatalot on 9/14/2007 7:25 PM #

Score: 8 / 10    Reviewed by: Nicki

I have been going here with my co-workers from Civic Center for over 16 years. It was called Chavito's before, and they always put out good burrito's. I never thought the quality changed much after it was renamed El Castillito, until about a year ago. that was when I first tried their Steak Quesadilla Castillito. Oh my God, I'll never have another burrito again, it was so good!!!
It is about a $1 more than a regular burrito, but Wow! the flavor is fantastic. I dont know what the secret is, since it seems to me it's just the same as a Carne asada burrito minus the rice and beans. Maybe it's the addition of jack cheese and more meat, plus the salsa that make it so Good! Careful when you get towards the bottom, because I swear the juice's will run all down your hand ( i don't know, maybe it's just liquid fat). Anyway, I average going here probably 1-2 times a week, during the workday. I must say besides the fact that I need to start running again (for the obvious reasons-gut bomb burrito's take their toll), They have great food for a little joint! Taco's, I still go to the trucks for, can't beat them, but burrito's are great here!!!

posted by Nicki on 3/22/2007 7:30 AM #

Score: 7 / 10    Reviewed by: kewlio (San Francisco, CA)

Checked out this place based on reviews from burritophile

Got the super carne asada there, to go (with chips). I shoulda asked for some salsa or something cuz it was rather not spicy. I asked them to hold the sour cream cuz I've been meaning to eat healthier (yeah good idea going there). Anyway, the point is something was missing, it was still a rather good burrito (maybe too big). Liked the price $6.35

The way they do the beef is a bit intringuing, the meat is almost like, minced. Made for an easy bite

My biggest problems with burritos is how the tortilla kinda sticks to the roof of your mouth or on teeth. This was no exception

Seems to be a good eating option around Civic Center

posted by kewlio on 8/26/2006 1:57 PM, updated on 8/26/2006 1:58 PM #

Score: 8 / 10    Reviewed by: Pacer (Blacksburg, VA)

This was my local for four months, just around the corner from my apartment. The burritos are huge, the ingredients are top quality, and the prices are very reasonable.

I usually went with carnitas or pollo asado, both of which are solid. I would occasionally splurge for avocado or guacamole, the former being a better option in my opinion. Their salsas are very good; they always had a pico de gallo and a green tomatillo, both of which are a bit spicier than average.

posted by Pacer on 6/29/2005 1:31 PM, updated on 9/4/2005 8:02 AM #

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El Castillito (Civic Center)
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