El Castillito (Church)

San Francisco, CA

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  • Chris's Score: 7.5 / 10   full review...

    I don't get into the city that often, but I finally had the chance to visit El Castillito. Dan always seems to be posting about the place, so i thought it was time to give it a try. There are definitely good burritos to be had here, with only a few flaws.

  • Dan's Score: 9 / 10   full review...

    This branch of El Castillito is possibly the busiest non-Mission taqueria in San Francisco, located right across from Safeway on a packed-to-the-gills section of Church Street. Everyone seems to come here; edgy hipsters from the Haight, drunks on their way down the Mission, stylish gay couples headed to the Castro, and even families on a break from grocery shopping. Any time after noon, any day, there's always a line.

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Score: 6.5 / 10    Reviewed by: serop2

I went to this place with a friend, who had seen it many times but had never eaten there. First things first, it's really busy. You wouldn't expect it to be because of its location, but it just is. You have to deal with that. Second, the food is just OK. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here, but if I were hungry, I wouldn't avoid it either.

posted by serop2 on 1/21/2008 2:28 AM #

Score: 6.5 / 10    Reviewed by: blazingfatboy

I tried this place today after hearing so much hype about it on here and burritoeater. However, I was somewhat disappointed at the lack of integration in the burrito's elements, as well as the carne asada's texture and lack of spice. I ordered a carne asada super burrito, and here are my gripes:

1) the beans were boring. kinda mushy. not memorable whatsoever.
2) the rice was good initially, but melted together into a wet marshland of otherwise carefully prepared spices.
3) the salsa was mediocre, sort of like stale store-bought salsa?
4) the carne asada was sort of chewy, and not grilled enough for my palate. There were also a lot of fatty bits askew here and there.
5) perhaps i am just a sour cream & guac freak, but i feel there wasn't enough to really enhance my burrito experience.

High points:
1) i thoroughly enjoyed the excess cheese (4 slices!) on my tortilla.
2) the grillage of the forementioned tortilla was perfectly done.
3) this was HUGE! it lasted me from lunch until late at night. two meals in one, if you ask me.
4) very clean. they got a 99 on their scorecard from the health inspector.
5) parking wasn't bad.

posted by blazingfatboy on 11/12/2006 11:26 PM #

Score: 4 / 10    Reviewed by: jaeohen

i wasnt too impressed with this establishment's burrito.

i ordered a chicken super burrito with everything...the first few bites were something else, they were good, i cant lie. however as i progressed into eating the burrito(pause) i began to lose the taste for it. i couldnt taste anything else in the burrito. i was extremely let down after seeing the praise this place receives. the ingredients were not evenly distributed. there was too much of something, and not enough of somethin else...i cant quite put my finger on it.

place is good, but not the best like ive heard..i was let down..

posted by jaeohen on 11/12/2006 10:51 PM #

Score: 8 / 10    Reviewed by: mariamargarita

Delicious burritos (& tacos & quesadillas) with one major flaw: they use lettuce in the super burritos! I grabbed my super veggie (hold the sour cream) and forgot to ask him to hold the lettuce and as I was eating my tube of grilled goodness, every single bite was crunchy, green water: lettuce. I picked a lot of it out, but it was completely overwhelming and the burrito could not be saved.

Despite that, this is the only place nearby to get a true, bona fide, just dirty enough Mission burrito experience. Grilled tortillas (makes the experience about 1million times better), wonderful, spicy, chicken, kick ass salsa bar (chips are mediocre) and reasonable pricing make this a great lunch or post Lucky 13 dinner spot. I used to get the carnitas but they are usually extremely fatty, so I would choose another meat. Veggie burritos are a lovely, not too cheesy, choice and absolutely sub avocado for guacamole, which is sadly extremely watery.

posted by mariamargarita on 9/29/2006 12:50 PM, updated on 10/1/2006 12:23 PM #

Score: 8 / 10    Reviewed by: jimg (sf, CA)

There's only 2 things wrong with this place: average chips and no chicken mole. Everything else rocks: they GRILL their tortillas instead of steaming them, which is excellent, I wish more places did that! Even though the chips are nothing to write home about, they DO provide them with your burrito, unlike a few other places I've tried near work. They grill most of the meats before adding them to the burrito. They have whole-wheat tortillas, among others. The green salsa at the help-yerself salaa bar is pretty good. And, they're also open pretty late.

posted by jimg on 9/21/2006 10:26 AM, updated on 9/21/2006 11:06 AM #

Score: 8 / 10    Reviewed by: parkerhunt

It's my usual place to get the all meat, no bean quesidilla suiza... basically a burrito without the beans and rice. I reserve Thursday nights for a the big, gooey morass of chicken, cheese and a smattering of Cilantro and Salsa Roja. I prefer the Wheat Tortilla as it has more heft. And then top it off with some Salsa Verde. It's pretty mean piece of food for the price, which is around five bucks.

posted by parkerhunt on 8/2/2006 5:50 PM #

Score: 8 / 10    Reviewed by: dcarettifsc

I have gone here a number of times, and the atmosphere is what you would expect from a hole-in-the-wall taqueria. The food is good, while it it was one time a bit greasy, yet authenticity is the key to this place. Service is fast, and the options are plentiful. Make a visit.

posted by dcarettifsc on 4/2/2006 7:48 PM #

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El Castillito (Church)
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