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BTB Burrito (Packard) (Ann Arbor, MI)

Score: 7 / 10    Reviewed by: Chris

Formerly known as `Big Ten Burrito' (changed because of a trademark issue with the Big Ten Conference), BTB was the first place i wanted to check out on my trip to Ann Arbor. I had pretty high hopes for this place, and happily they lived up to most of them.

This location on Packard is small- just enough room to get in the door and form a narrow line. There's a small table area with stools (in case it rains?), but this is meant as a walk-out place. Walking in, my nose sensed all the right scents- it reminded me of my favorite places in the Bay Area. I then spotted the bottles of jarritos, and my hopes continued to rise.

I went with their Deluxe burrito (the equivalent of a super in most places), and had half chicken, half steak. Once seated, i began to unwrap it. It was a bit smaller than a typical slab from the Bay Area, but still ample. It was wrapped superbly well, and it would have remained stable even without the foil. I dug in. The flavors were integrated well, the cheese was nice and melty, and the proportioning of rice to meat was spot on. The meat was nothing unique- just well grilled straight meat. But the overall flavor was quite good. I happily finished it.

Both the chips and guac were quite good too. The guac had structure and color to it. It could have been a bit tangier, but quite acceptable for both the burrito and chips.

My biggest complaint about BTB is the lack of meat choices. Only chicken, shredded chicken, and steak are available. Carnitas or something verde would be welcomed here. There is no salsa bar either, and the chips and salsas do cost more. While the deluxe burritos start at $6.50, an acceptable price, the lack of extras does hurt the overall value. But even with an extra side and drink, you can chow down for less than $10.

While not up to the best of the Bay Area, this is a fine burrito that i'd visit regularly if i lived in AA. Arborites should feel fortunate to have a place this good right in the middle of town.

posted 9/29/2008 10:20 AM, updated on 1/11/2014 4:32 PM

Photo of BTB Burrito (Packard)

BTB Burrito (Packard)
1906 Packard St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 995-9940

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