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Mexxi's Taqueria (San Ramon, CA)

Score: 6.5 / 10    Reviewed by: Chris

Mexxi's Taqueria is a bit different from most other taquerias. In many ways it's more of a restaurant competing with Chevy's or El Torito than a typical taqueria. Mexxi's has a nice bright and inviting atmosphere. It is small and cozy, but with space out front if you'd like to dine outside.

The burrito choices at first glance seem to be limited, but you can change that with a bit of work. Each burrito style has it's own unique ingredients- it's not just about choosing a meat. The carne asada has rice, beans and salsa. The shredded chicken has refried beans, spanish rice, and salsa. The chile verde includes potatoes! Only the al-pastor comes with sour cream (though they forgot it on mine once). Most burritos use black or refried beans. Fortunately for pinto lovers, you can ask them to swap. With a few requests you can get what you want, and once you do they're enjoyable, but nothing special. The tortillas don't ever seemed to be heated here- neither grilled nor steamed, which is a shame.

If you get your burrito to go, be sure to ask for chips. They're free but they won't give you any if you don't ask. The chips are much saltier than most taquerias. They are sprinkled in a red seasoning (like you could find at El Torito) with some chips getting none, and other chips being completely layered in it. Either way, they're tasty enough. The salsa bar has 3 salsas, a mild chunky, a spicy chipotle, and a tomatillo. There are no jalapenos, radishes, carrots, or anything else. You get two free cups of salsa, but they'll charge you more if you try to take more than that.

Mexxi's recently raised their prices. A super burrito now costs $6.95 ($7.95 if it's the fish or fajitas burrito). The super includes extra beans and rice, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. Though some of those extras are already included as part of your meat choice.

As far as restaurants go, Mexxi's is a very nice place with plenty of good platters and options. I'd definitely go here before El Torito or Chevy's. The burritos themselves are decent, but aren't anything exceptional.

posted 11/25/2006 8:25 PM, updated on 1/11/2014 3:14 PM

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Mexxi's Taqueria
9110 Alcosta Blvd Ste I
San Ramon, CA 94583
(925) 803-1111

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