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El Grullense (Middlefield/Maple) (Redwood City, CA)

Score: 5 / 10    Reviewed by: Chris

El Grullense is a very unassuming place built in what appears to be an old-style ice-cream stand or drive-up burger joint. They focus on one thing here- burritos. Don't go here for anything else.

The burritos here are acceptable, but not fantastic. You are severely limited in meat choices- primarily different beef parts and a couple pork varieties. I don't recall seeing any chicken options on the menu at all. They're huge, filled with a lot of meat and good seasoning. Integration was pretty good, but not perfect. Grease was a minor problem with the al pastor.

Don't even think about getting extras here. There is no salsa bar. There are no chips. Only some whole jalapenos were available for the taking at the counter.

The prices here are great. The super burrito is only $5, and they don't add on any extra for Uncle Sam.

This El Grullense can be summed up in 3 phrases: Acceptable burritos, great prices, but not much else.

posted 1/24/2007 10:16 AM, updated on 1/11/2014 3:26 PM

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El Grullense (Middlefield/Maple)
1243 Middlefield Rd
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 364-4320

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