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Most unprecedented

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Down in LA last week for various reasons, including a trip up to the vicinity of the Hollywood sign. Post-hike, which includes about 540 feet of elevation gain over 1.3 miles, seemed like the best thing to do would be to mosey down to the Walk o' Fame and see some stars. First, however, sustenance.

We raveled through some random mall next to Grauman's, with the usual suspects of Food Court status: Johnny Rockets! (line out the door--who are these people?) Panda Express! (no panda on the menu. Boo.) We decided on Sun Tacos, which is a demented mix of Mexican and Korean. I had a Spicy Pork burrito, which includes spicy pork and...kimchi.

It was not horrible, and it was spicy. It was also small, with grill marks on the tortilla. Not worth the time to post a review, since it looks suspiciously chain-like.

All in all, better than Hot Dog on a Stick.

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