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Tofu Burritos = War of Attrition

posted by (6/28/2007 04:49:00 PM)

I try! I really do.

BF and I went apartment hunting in the Mishie-wission the other day. Since it's known for their tofu burritos, and because he's a good sport, we decided to visit Mariachi's on Valencia. I've had a meal there before, years ago, and honestly don't remember it, so I figured it couldn't have been that bad. Really, my expectation set was pretty low.

Low, but I wasn't expecting to be confronted with the fact that all of their tofu burritos come with Thai spice and jasmine rice. We're pretty clear on the site about what qualifies as a burrito, and that ain't it. So, heads shaking, we turned around and left. *Sigh*

At this point we were too weak from hunger to make it any further than Pancho Villa. The best part of that experience was the semi-looney guy next to me in line. He was a local, raised in the Mission, and regaled me with stories of El Farolito's nascent days as a deli. As it turns out, they dished out bologna sandwiches and chips long before they became the first Mission taqueria.

Their tofu offering, superficially, isn't so different from La Corneta: chunks of white stuff stewing in an unidentifiable liquid with some onions and green peppers thrown in for color.

Not so different except that it was eff-ing nasty! I have a feeling that they might use one tub of tofu filling for a couple of days and just refrigerate it at night. Construction was okay, but integration was bad, it wasn't even lukewarm, and, well, it tasted like greazy tofu. To top that off, BF ordered a steak slab, which came with EVERY other meat other than beef. We each took a few bites of our respective "meals" and tossed the rest in disgust. And the horchata was mealy. What a waste of $12 or whatever it was.

So, we took solace in beer and spelt pretzels at the Toronado.

Really, all of this makes me want to snuggle up in a special place with a supple, luscious plantain burrito.

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