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Four good 'uns in a row

posted by (5/20/2006 10:22:00 AM)

There was a meeting of the philes last night at Taqueria San Francisco, where I met up with Eric and The Burritoeater, along with Eric's girlfriend, for some burritos and conversation. I went with the super carne asada, and the rest of the table sampled al pastor and pollo asado.

Basically, my burrito rocked. Want proof?

That's some good eatin'. I'm sad to report that the rest of the table didn't fare as well. Taqueria San Francisco's Manny Ramirez-like streakiness was out in full force, as Eric's burrito suffered integration issues, and The Burritoeater's was marred by dryness and grilled chicken that was as much of a let-down as the last two Matrix movies. What was up with those, anyway?

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